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5 years ago

I wanted to make some sort of wrap for dinner since I picked up extra pita bread at the bakery yesterday morning. Well, that wasn`t my plan originally but when I got there the pita was pipping hot, so I grabbed an extra bag. I opted to make some sort of chicken wrap. I picked up some chicken tenders at the market, cleaned them and removed those annoying little stringy vein things, washed it and put them in a baking pan. I then threw in some fresh mushrooms, sliced peppers, white onion and minced garlic. I didn`t want the staple teriyaki chicken so I decided to just make my own concoction and I must say it came out amazingly! I added some soy sauce, Korean barbecue sauce (it`s a little spicy), ketchup, regular BBQ sauce, Italian seasoning, black pepper and salt. I mixed it all together and popped it in the oven for 30 minutes, turning the mixture halfway through. I will say the chicken was SO MOIST and the flavors really came together well. You could definitely tell it was BBQ, but you could tell there was other stuff in there that just made it taste yummy. My boyfriend loved it and we shared this with a guest who also thought it was fabulous.

I added this mixture on top of some plain sliced lettuce on my pita and made a wrap. It was very good and quite enjoyable.

Do you experiment while cooking, adding different ingredients into a dish without truly knowing what the end result will be like?
Would you make a chicken BBQ dish similar to this?

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