Dine On A Tree - Tree Restaurant in New Zealand

5 years ago

i have shared before the hotel tree house, a hotel that lets you spend the night in a tree house that has to be the most luxurious tree house ever made.
In case you are into that concept or just like to see the work of the designers, the Yellow Tree Restaurant is the product of some very ambitious designers/ architects and works that actually managed to put something that would only see in paper into reality.
The restaurant is located on a tree in New Zealand and it actually generated some buzz, especially in terms of safety since i found out while searching some more on it that this is considered the 7th most dangerous restaurants in the world.
I can see how it would be considered the most dangerous, since its on the top of a tree and those types of constructions are not common and well perfected, so who knows what could happen to it but at the same time, im sure this was a subject discussed by the creators of it and they built having safety in mind.
I dont know all the prices of the food and menus , i do know there is one that is 100$ per person, but just look at the restaurant... The price is not expected to be a bargain! Still, a very nice restaurant in New Zealand

<strong>What do you think of this restaurant? Would you like to eat there or you would be freaked by eating high up in the tree?</strong>

(pictures from the source)

Source link: http://www.contemporist.com/2008/12/22/the-yellow-treehouse-restaurant-is-finished/

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