Dim Sum is Yummy for Breakfast!!

5 years ago

Most of my breakfast post as you know consists of Dim Sum type of food. When I eat breakfast, it doesn`t mean 8am in the morning but more like 11-12pm. Since it is extremely famous for Asian/Chinese cultures. I don`t always eat at the Dim Sum places but I usually buy it and take it home to eat.

<ol><li><strong>Spare Ribs</strong> is always one of the dim sum I end up getting. I really like to get it because it has enough flavoring and isn`t too salty.</li>
<li><strong>"Gao Choi Bao"</strong> is written in the best of my ability in what I can translate to in cantonese pin yin format. I really have no idea what it is called in English but if you have a clue let me know. Inside it was same scallion, meat, and shrimp too. It`s extremeley tasty.</li></ol>

<em>Have you ever tried these at Dim Sum places before? What did you have for breakfast today?</em>

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