Dim Sum @ Florida =) *Belated*

5 years ago

When I was in Orlando, Florida my friends and I decided to go to this local Chinese restaurant that we came across. It was the last day my friends and I were staying in Orlando to head back to West Palm Beach so we decided to Dim Sum there before we leave instead of starving ourselves.

Over here in New York, the way they serve Dim Sum at restaurants is by people strolling carts back and forth and stopping at our tables to see what we will like to get right off the bat. In this restaurant in Florida, we had a paper and we write the amount we wanted for a particular Dim Sum and it is all served at once at the same time. Nonetheless, the food still tasted very very good.

<ol><li><strong>"Lor Bot Go" (Turnip Cake);</strong> I possibly got the name in English wrong, but it`s basically very delicious and soft, especially with some seafood sauce.</li>
<li><strong>"Eggplants";</strong> I didn`t eat this since it didn`t really appeal to me, but my best friend really loved eating this.</li>
<li><strong>"Gau Choi Bao";</strong> is one of my favorite dishes to get over here in NY as well, so it tasted extremely good to me. Feels like home while I was in Florida.</li>
<li><strong>"Ha Gow" (Shrimp...);</strong> This is basically shrimp wrapped with something LOL =)</li>
<li><strong>"Fong Jao" (Chicken Feet);</strong> I think it`s chicken feet in english but I can be wrong, tastes so good.</li>
<li><strong>"Aw Pa Yeep" (Beef Tripe);</strong> I only like to eat this when I go dim sum since it is in a sauce I really enjoy like having it with.</li>
<li><strong>"Ha Churn" (Shrimp Rice Noodle);</strong> Is pretty much a popular dish. Basically rice noodle with shrimp on the inside.</li></ol>

I had a good time eating this for breakfast over there in Florida. The restaurant interior was pretty as well which put me in a very good mood. There wasn`t much people when I went there since it just opened. I am glad the food was yummy which I am happy about.

<em>What did you have for breakfast/lunch today?
Have you ever went somewhere else to eat something that felt like home?</em>

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