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<em>I love dim sum but I usually don`t try new food selections when I`m buying it because I`m not someone who likes trying new things (occasionally here and there my boyfriend does) but when you`re eating at the buffet you get to adventure outside your bubble and try all sorts of foods.</em>

Yesterday as an early Valentine`s Dinner, my boyfriend and I went to go eat at a buffet (in which we rarely do but we were in the mood for the buffet) I got to try all kinds of Dim Sum.

<strong>What`s on my plate?</strong>

Cha siu bao or char siu bao which is a bbq pork filled bun (there were three types I got..) One dough is rough looking, one is smooth and one is baked(?) fried(?) The one that is baked/fried(?) is the yummiest, obviously not the healthiest but I enjoyed it the most!
Shrimp Dumpling which was okay, I`m not a fan of shrimp but I`ll eat it.
Potstickers (I got two types a regular kind and fried) they were both alright but they didn`t taste as good as the legit dim sum restaurants!
Shumai was served and again wasn`t as agood as legit dim sum restaurants!
Chicken feet not my favorite at all, my boyfriend ate that.
Lotus Leaf Rice not my favorite either, my boyfriend ate that.
I really enjoyed the baked dumpling (I`m not sure of the name, its between the dumpling and bao it has meat and some crispy greens in it. It was really good. <em>If you know what that`s called let me know! Thanks in advance.</em>
Lumpia was also really good and cute (rolled tiny) this isn`t Chinese or falls under Dim Sum but a Filipino egg roll.

Overall: Even though some of the foods is a hit/miss, I am sure at the dim sum restaurant they`re all really good. My favorite at the buffet were the baked or fried Cha siu bao! They were bomb, I went back for seconds but my boyfriend wouldn`t let me eat more cause they`re oily and fattening, lol. =)

<strong>What`s your favorite dim sum food?</strong>

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