Dim Sum - Salty Custard Buns ()

4 years ago

A rarity in Western Dim Sum places, but very popular in Hong Kong and China.

Most of you know about Lai Wong Bao () which is a steamed rice flour bun filled with egg custard inside. The inside custard is usually solid and very sweet.

Lao Sa Bao () on the other hand, is savory and sweet.

Rather than just having the egg custard, they have egg custard mixed with preserved duck egg yolk. Duck egg yolk is very salty and gritty. What you end up with is a very rich savory sweet custard that is liquid inside rather than solid. If you`re not careful, you might burn yourself eating it as the liquid custard inside is extremely hot. It may also leak all over you if you just bite into it.

Best way to eat it is by letting the bun cool down before separating it into two pieces. This way, the inside custard cools down and you don`t get a custard mess.

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