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4 years ago

As appetizing as the name suggested, phoenix claws are actually chicken feet.

They name it in a convention that doesn`t freak people out. Who would want to order "Marinated Chicken feet" otherwise?

Anyways, this is one of the popular dim sum dishes that most restaurants serve. It actually takes a lot more work than it looks.

The chicken feet are first marinated in a black bean sauce, then it gets deep fried to contain the moisture. Once it`s been deep fried, it gets broiled to retain the flavor. Finally it`s steamed so that it remains flavorful, moist and fluffy.

Personally, I really dislike this dish because of the look of it. But a lot of my Chinese friends do. They`ve had a contest on who can eat phoenix claws the fastest. My friend broke record with 3 seconds...

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