Dim Sum - Beef Tripe or Albert Yip ()

4 years ago

So a few years back, this dim sum dish, beef tripe () got made famous because of an erroneous translation from Chinese to French.

when spoken in Cantonese sounds like Ow Bat Yip. So the menu actually translated it to Albert Yip! Someone took a photo of this menu and it`s actually all over Facebook and Google.

Beef Tripe is made of cow stomach and intestine. As gross as it sounds, the texture of it is the best part. It does not have much taste but it is able to absorb a lot of taste from the sauces, like carrots when boiled for a long time.

The texture is rigid with many dots, and it usually comes in layers. Its a very succulent and savory dish as the beef tripe is pre-marinated in a salty sauce made of beef broth and chili peppers.

It is a very famous dim sum dish and a very frequently ordered one.

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