Dieting The Right Way...!

4 years ago

A lot of girls always seem to be self conscious about their body. Some may be over weight, under weight, tall, short, but it doesn`t stop you being you.

A great way to lose the weight is by dieting. Yes! Dieting! Dieting the right way I should say. People in general always seem to diet by starving themselves. I mean come on who doesn`t love food? People who diet always try to force themselves not to eat. Not having to eat for a few hours can suck out the energy out of you! You`ll end up being weak!

A lot of girls sometime don`t eat at all, but if not they`ll skipped Breakfast, eat a little of Lunch and don`t even bother with dinner. A proper way to diet and take care of your body would be cutting down eating fast food, junk food, sweets and any fatty foods. Besides eating those types of food eat fruits or a small healthy salad will do the job.

1. How do you take care of your weight?
2. How often do you eat out? In?

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