Diet Tip - Eat Kid`s Meals =)

4 years ago

Whenever I want fast food and I`m scared of the additional calories and fat, I order a Kid`s meal instead =) The portions are just right when you eat it slowly and the calories and fat are slashed in half. Plus you get a toy!

This was my dinner one night when I was craving Wendy`s but since their original burgers are generally 380+ calories, a meal with fries would mean I would be consuming over 700 calories. It wasn`t worth it, especially since I didn`t need to eat all that food.

So I ordered a kid`s meal instead.

For Wendy`s, I had ordered:
Regular Cheeseburger
Sea salt fries
Diet Pepsi

In total, it was 450 calories and there was just enough food to keep me full.

Believe it or not, this entire meal had less calories than a regular 1/4 lb cheeseburger.

One thing I notice is that usually, people eat very fast when they eat at fast food restaurants and they feel a bit too full after. I learned that if I ate slower, I would feel fuller faster and I wouldn`t feel nasty after. So I always apply this rule when I eat at Mcdonalds or Wendys, especially for kid`s meals.

I love cheeseburgers and I always crave them. But because I don`t like gaining weight, I always look for alternative ways to "cheat" without killing my diet. The cheeseburger was a bit small but when I ate it slower, I realized it was enough for me. Not bad. I prefer Wendy`s burgers to McDonalds.

The one thing I didn`t like were the fries. They were nasty. I prefer shoestring fries that McDonald`s makes. I just don`t fancy straight cut fries.

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