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Hair health begins from inside to outside of the head. Just like the nerves system there is a body system, called integumentary system. The integumentary system contains hair, skin, and nails. People use a lot of different products to get healthy hair. Good care of your body and nutrients are necessary for healthy hair. Unhealthy is due to poor nutrition. Unhealthy hair is dull, dry, and may have a lot of split ends; it is unattractive. They appear to be frizzy.

A diet which is high in sugar, salt and animal fat not good for your hair. They create added stress on the body, resulting in need for more nutrients for the body. Faulty eating habit depletes Vitamin B. Vitamin B has lots of different functions for humans; it prevents hair loss, helps fingernails remain healthy. Foods like bread and egg contains vitamin B and vitamin C. Vitamin B and C are necessary for hair growth, hair color, and good circulation. They prevent individual strands of tresses from breaking. Although multivitamin is good for hair, but it is necessary to get the right nutrients from the food. Vitamin A gives a healthy scalp and it works wonders for skin. Avoid eating junk foods and consuming unhealthy drinks, they deplete body`s nutrients. Some drinks like coffee contain a lot of caffeine which is harmful for hair. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day is for healthy hair clean out your system. This will help your body to get dehydrated and your hair will also get more moisture. Hair is 98 percent protein. Hair locks are dead protein. Hair is dead as soon as it grows out of the head. For healthy hair you need to supply them with protein. Meat, seeds, and nuts have got plenty of protein in them.

One must abstain from alcohol and smoking as they too rob the body of vitamin B and vitamin C.

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