Didier drogba deny manufacturing mutiny bo gil: champions league exit also won`t class is over

For ESPN reporter said a mutiny incident, didier drogba http://www.steelerjerseyssuppliers.us/ in the champions league at the war when the news conference was to deny. In addition, bo, o, stressed that he had already won abramovich support, even if the champions league exit, he also won`t class is over. Fa cup game against Birmingham after at half-time, Chelsea`s several key players stood still blocking the talk about what, and drogba looks like a boss to everyone in the team anger face-to-face. Soon, ESPN and the daily mail will think this is more like a mutiny. For media speculation, bo, early in the day, before the shall be denied. And the parties at the champions league didier drogba against napoli in the news conference said, this is all a media misunderstandings. Be worth what carry is, in this conference, didier drogba and bo, o were there, during the two men also talking and laughing, seems to be to the outside what proof.http://www.2012jerseys.net/ Didier drogba explained: I want to put this matter clear, at half-time coach has already made a speech. He pointed to several important players, and we are here to help him. After that, we hope the team can faster good together, in addition and no other problems. We respect the intention of the coaches to work, what he had said. I think we put a book without things, as a big events. The media was will misunderstand didier drogba`s behavior, is based on the present situation and the outside of the Chelsea mixed based on the speculation. The champions league against napoli before, and the media pointed out that if the champions league, bo, can`t achieve satisfactory results, that I`m afraid not, at the end of the season, he will end up. For his job, bo, appear very confident, : the game won`t decided to anything. We realized napoli is a very powerful opponent, hope we can take the good results back to Stamford bridge. Obviously, this is what we link up with me, because of what happened before.. For the, http://www.2012jerseys.net/ we have won the boss complete trust. From the club recently in the message, our future plans has changed. For next season we will have to do with expected, we will aim to next season won the champion of the top matches can be. Bo gil continue to say: this won`t affect our goal of the season. I`ve been to this year our duty, best remembered in view of the team`s record, and club in the past achievements, all sorts of suspicion is normal. I get the boss in full confidence that I will continue to here the coaching, and not just this year, so it is of next year. In Chelsea`s past 13 games, bo, o only leads a team won four of these games, the league table by Manchester city on his side left 17 points. When asked about, bo, whether have got the Roman abramovich, the from death gold, bo, o again explained: I`ve been in the conference before frequent said. Yes. Like I said before that. I got the boss all the support, I also hope http://www.2012jerseys.net/ that has been so. I know, so the club from mouth out more convincing. I can`t say so, I will always treasure these words, because this is what I believe.

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