Did You Know Your Toilet Seat is Cleaner Than Your Cellphone?

5 years ago

Crazy right? New Yorkers were asked which item they thought was dirtier: the sole of your shoe, a toilet seat or a cell phone, it was unanimous...the TOILET SEAT.

Boy were they wrong! Studies have show that tons of bacteria grows on your cellphone. Think about it, bacteria needs a warm place to grow and what`s warmer than your cell phone. It`s either constantly in your hands, your pocket, purse and the battery adds that extra heat.

With all the bacteria growing on it, where does it go? Yeah, you guessed it! Your hands, that`s once place but if it get`s on your hands what`s stopping it from getting on your face (ewww).

So what do we do? Get rid of our phones!?..Ha, I don`t think so!
It`s pretty simple, grab some rubbing alcohol and a few Q-tips and start cleaning, disinfectant wipes can also do the trick. You want to make sure to clean your phone often to minimize the growth of bacteria on it.

Why is all of this important? It`s just like changing your pillowcase frequently you want to avoid those pesky breakouts on your pretty little face.

Who knew taking care of your cellphone would help you take care of your skin?

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