Did you know that Hugo Boss made Nazi uniforms?

4 years ago

Here`s something that I would never tought my bf would ask me: "did you know that Hugo Boss made Nazi uniforms?"
My immediately response was: "are you serious? don`t joke with that."
So, he saw a documentary on the TV about this... and I decided to share with you after a little research.
After World War One, Germany, like other many countrys suffered a depression on the economy. Hugo Boss ran a family business of tailoring in a small town. He made post officers uniforms, protective suits for industrial workers, local police departments uniforms and... SS uniforms.
But don`t you turn your back to this amazing brand. Although the founder made this uniforms, doesn`t mean he went to the field and shot somebody! He was just a small business men that made his life doing workers wear focusing on high quality and design. The brand today his the most well know in fashion world because they persist to do clothes with high quality and a classic and intemporal design. In that time or you were a part of the party or you were dead. So... i kinda understand. Today the brand Hugo Boss AG support many charity work, speacially with children. That`s the thing that we have to focus... on TODAY... not in the PAST. ;)
Hope you like this fashion/history fact!
(you can consult more info here: http://betterthannylund.blogspot.pt/2010/12/heil-hugo-boss-as-famed-clothier-and.html , it was were i got the picture)

Source link: http://betterthannylund.blogspot.pt/2010/12/heil-hugo-boss-as-famed-clothier-and.html

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