Diamond padlock pendrive

5 years ago

Hello luuuers im going to talk about this expensive pendrive design made by philips.
So this pendrive is a padlock with diamonds on it and it`s costing about US$ 178 to mutch expencive for a pen drive..
If you are rich and love the desing of this pedrive just go and buy it.

I dont recomend this pendrive because of the design of it...if you put it on a bag or something like that it will be stolled.
My wife yould love this pendrive but its to expensive..i guet pendrives for me for about 10 euros so US$ 178 for a pendrive is to mutch for me.
I personally dont like the desing of the pen but im sure the ladies love it haha.


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What do you think of this pendrive?
Do you like it?

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