Diamond Furniture - Swarovski Crystal Furniture

5 years ago

Nothing says luxury and money like diamonds but they are not exclusive to jewelery anymore, they can also be used in furniture.
The idea might sound strange but its real. This bed, sofa and chair were made using Swarovski crystals and were designed by Edra using thousands of diamonds placed into a special and resistant fabric that gives the furniture more durability and each cristal used is authentic with the proper tags/brand on it to prove it, so just with the sofa you get something like 750,000 crystals!
I just hope they found a way to make the furniture actually usable because im not seeing how sleeping on diamonds can be comfortable but they probably figured that part out. It didn`t say but i believe this was most likely made for a show or for special orders because i don`t see stores carrying this. Regardless, it is original and extravagant ,no questions there.

<strong>What do you think of this diamond furniture? Would you like to sleep on diamonds?</strong>

(picture from the source)

Source link: http://www.bornrich.com/entry/diamond-furniture-collection-by-edra-with-swarovski-crystals/

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