Diamond Candles HaulReview (Dusk)

5 years ago

So, I heard about the company Diamond Candles from Holly Annaeree on Youtube! (your should look up diamond candle reviews/hauls on youtube, its fun! and youll see some before pics/vids)

Basically, Diamond Candles is a candle company that sells 21 oz candles, natural soy candle, with a lead free wick. Inside each candle is a ring worth 10, 100, 1000, or 5000 dollars :D The candle price itself is pretty standard, $24 for a 21 oz candle. BBW sells the 14 oz candles for $20, or $10 if you can get them on sale. So its a reasonalbe price for the size, plus you get the super cool chance of a ring. The ring design, size, and worth are completely random.

When you first receive the candle, youll see a gold round sticker somewhere along the side, thats where your ring lies. Luckily mine was near the top, so i was able to take mine out with some tweezers after a few hours of burning.

When you pull the ring out, it wilil be wrapped in gold foil, remove the foil. Then its also inside a tiny plastic zip bag. Pull it out and theres your ring!

I already had apple slice, and this time i bought the scent Dusk!

Dusk is a more mens cologne smelling kind of candle, and i ADORE it, its nice to get away from candy and fruit scents from time to time. and the candle is a dark purple/black color, which looks nice as well. Plus this scent throw on this is very nice.

The ring i received was a silver ring with a square pink stone in the center :D i think its pretty cute <3

so yeah, ill probably do another haul closer to my borthday, ill probably buy 2-3 candles, to save money on shipping. but yeah :D check this company out, its super fun!

Source link: http://www.diamondcandles.com

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