Diamond Candle: A Candle worth Buying.

5 years ago

So when I think of candles I think of an old lady I had as a neighbor when I was just a kid. She will have thousands of candles and she will burn a candle 24/7. Honestly, I thought it was kind of creepy, I even thought she was a witch. Lol Now a days I noticed a lot of girls getting into buying candles, there are even young candle collectors. The yummy scents werent enough for me to start buying candles but I believe <em>Diamond Candles</em> just might do it!
<Strong> What is different about Diamond Candles?</strong>
<em>A:</em> Not only do they have a great selection of scents but there is a ring in every single candle! No Joke! I think that is such a fun idea! I know I would want to burn my candle to get to my prize as soon as possible!
<strong> How much are the rings worth?</strong>
<em>A:</em> The rings are worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000! You might just get lucky and get a 5,000 dollar ring! Even if you get a $10 dollar ring it does not seem low quality.
<strong> What if the ring does not fit me?</strong>
<em>A: </em>You can trade it! Even if you dont like it you can trade it on their facebook page, which I think is pretty sweet!
<strong> What scents do they come in?</strong>
<em>A:</em> They come in the scents of Lavender Lemon, Dusk, Apple Slice, Cinnamon Tea, Sunwashed, White Chocolate, Sweety Pea, Cupcake, Strawberry Bliss, and Carnival Candy.
<strong> How much do they cost?</strong>
<em>A:</em> They cost $25 plus shipping. I think the price is great since you have the chances of winning a $5,000 dollar ring!
For you guys who love mother earth. Their candles are earth friendly! They make all natural soy candles. Also, if you dolls do not like shopping online they are planning on selling their candles in retail stores soon so follow their facebook and twitter to be in the know about that. If you simply cant wait for that, you can buy their candles at their site right now! Ill provide a link down below. I know I am going to buy my sister a candle for her birthday! Hopefully, shell get a gorgeous ring out it. Leave your comments/remarks down below! I want to read about what you guys think about these candles!
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Source link: http://www.diamondcandles.com/

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