Diablo III Barbarian Class, Brutes of Justice

5 years ago

The Barbarian is the one of five available classes in Diablo III. While the mechanics of the barbarian class is similar to Diablo II`s barbarian class, the sprite and character design is quite different. The barbarian in Diablo III is depicted as an aging warrior. His eyes are kind yet imtimidating. His features show experience and the will to show grace under pressure with his iron will for the blood of the fiends of hell. As he swings his battle scarred axes, javelins and claymores he utilizes his pool of energy, the power of fury. Fury, the barbarian`s source of power allows the monstrous body of the barbarian class to leap a great distance and deal area of effect damage to enemy hordes.

This is just the introduction of the barbarian class. The barbarian lore and tales and details of his skills and gameplay videos will be posted shortly.

Moreover, there is also an option to choose to be a female barbarian. The female barbarian is significantly younger than her male counterpart. She boasts a muscular build and wears the traditional tier 1 barbarian armour with no signs of mercy for her enemies. Likewise, the female barbarian will not disappoint gamers with her prowess and destructive potential awaiting to be unleashed upon your enemies.

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