Diablo 3 what can i say?
The most awaited game for 10 years?

Diablo 2 was an complete HIT from Blizzard, Diablo 3 however has been not so good, has a game (not the selling millions!).
Dont take me wrong, Its a great game! but with Diablo 2 weight in its shoulders it should be AWESOME.

Ill try to follow a couple points here to make it easier.

1. If you played the game from beginning its obvious the game wasn`t ready.
The exploits were to many, the game was unbalanced, resulting in a very bad economy.

2. While Blizzard said the game wouldn`t be centered around the Auction House (either Gold or Real Money), after 400 hours of playing i feel that after a couple hours of playing, if i am the luckiest SOB i get a good drop. Although normally it wont be any good for me, thus obligating me to go buy stuff in AH.
I never used BOTS in Diablo 2 and could easily get good drops with Magic find equips, now its not hard to drop good equip, its bloody hard impossible!

3. The game economy is so unbalanced that most good equips end up costing 10 times more they should.
Even the Real Money Auction House is so overpriced...see this...in D2 i could buy from any shop in a website full godly equips for less that 20, however in RMAH it costs more that 20 just for a godly item, let alone the entire gear (and im not crazy to pay that money).

4. The new inferno difficulty is nice and i have said more than once, do not nerf it. Its supposed to be hard as crap...
But they thought it would be better to nerf it and now even my cat will somehow make it trough inferno.
HOWEVER i should stress that drops should be possible everywhere, just damn hard to. As it is now it should drop good items in Act1 Inferno but be bloody hard, however it wont drop crap from Hell Difficulty.
However, if you like the game, dont let it stop you.
Download the demo, install , play! HAVE FUN!
Maybe by then Blizzard will have fixed what needs to be.

Blizzard, fire the developers from WOW that are in Diablo
Dev Team and hire someone who knows what kind of game this should be.
Diablo is not the same as WOW.

ITS NOT AN MMORPG as many say its an Multiplayer RPG.
You should have made World of Diablo if you wanted to make an MMORPG.

Ohh and a little Troll....Inferno is the same as Hell in Portuguese, so why be more difficult?. Name it something else...

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