DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleanser Review

4 years ago

This has to be most popular oil based cleanser so I had to give a try when I placed my DHC order - I was also persuaded by the sale they had on this. Before I get on to the review, I want to make note that I do not use this for my face as I have acne-prone/combo skin and I am way to paranoid to apply this to my whole face but I have tried it once for the sake of it and it works great for face and eye makeup - just not waterproof mascara. Also, because I do use my beloved Clarisonic every night to remove all my makeup, I feel that this is not necessary for full facial purposes. I do use this on the other hand, for my eye makeup. My everyday eye makeup, although does not include any eyeshadows or false lashes and the likes, does consist of multiple and multiple coats of mascaras - especially waterproof ones (specifically my Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara) so as you would think, it would be a pain to remove at night - and yes, you are right, it is. I hoped that this would reduce the time for removing my waterproof mascara, however, this does not do anything at all! I do, however, feel that this is sufficient, if not great in removing anything but waterproof mascara. For me, this did not succeed in the purpose I purchased it for, but if you are on the market for an oil based cleanser for removing non-stubborn makeup, or makeup that is not as stubborn as my waterproof mascaras, and/or you do not own a Clarisonic that will help give you clean face, then this is a good choice. I love the simplistic packaging and the simple ingredients. I do love the DHC brand - read about the haul here.

Overall, I would recommend this if you wear heavy and long-wearing makeup and do not own the Clarisonic that will really ensure full makeup removal. This does not work on my waterproof mascara, so keep that in mind also!

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