Dexim DCA192 Single Dock Charger for iPhone amp iPod (Black)

4 years ago

I was looking for a simple charging dock to use on the nightstand to charge my iPhone 4S. Didn`t care for speakers or audio/video outs. After a poor experience with the Kensington dock, I eventually bought this and it is perfect in every way. The dock is nicely designed - not very tall so it stands firm, has four rubberized tips on the corners for a soft cushioned stand. There is a dim blue light on the front to show that the unit is on, the light is soft and doesn`t cause any distraction in the dark.

I have a fitted case on my iPhone, which I don`t have to remove it to charge. I think if you have bulkier cases like the Otterbox, that will almost certainly not fit. But other than that, most other cases should fit. The unit comes with a USB cable that connects to a PC/Mac/Wall USB charger on one end, and a micro-USB on the other end that connects to the device. This cable when connected to a PC/Mac, also syncs the iPhone with iTunes. There are several adjustable trays included that can be used with varying case thicknesses.

Another dock I considered was the Seidio dock. A friend of mine has that, and I wasn`t too impressed with its quality. I mean it still charges fine, but it has a rubberized finish (this Dexim one has a glossy finish) which doesn`t look neat or nicely finished. Moreover the Seidio dock made a tight fit with the iPhone charging port, it requires a good tug to remove the phone. I am not very comfortable putting so much pressure on my iPhone`s charging connector each time I have to insert or remove the phone. With this Dexim dock, inserting and removing the phone is very smooth. Makes me feel more confident that my iPhone won`t be damaged.

The overall finish and quality of this dock is excellent. I have had this dock for only a week or so, I cannot comment on durability, but I am hoping it will perform well over time. Will update the review over time if it gives any trouble.

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