Desserts: Double Chocolate Cannoli amp Ricotta Pie

4 years ago

These are the last desserts I had picked up at the Italian bakery with my coworker (Ive mentioned this bakery on the last few of my food posts). My coworker had told me how amazing these cannolis were so I ordered the chocolate dipped which I hadnt known was a double chocolate dipped cannoli. I ordered the ricotta pie because I feel like if you are a stand-up Italian bakery you ought to make a fabulous ricotta pie. And let me tell you, this was FABULOUS, probably one of the best ricotta pie slices I have had so Im definitely going back to this bakery when sweets are needed.

My coworker had told me their double chocolate cannolis were amazing, so I picked one up, primarily for my boyfriend. After we started dating, I introduced him to cannolis (he isnt much of an adventurous eater Im helping him become one ;)) and hes been hooked since. I took a few bites of this with him and yeah, delicious! The whole cannoli shell (inside and out) was actually dipped in chocolate and then filled with the creamy filling and dipped into chocolate chips on either end. The chocolate itself wasnt overly sweet and the chocolate on the shell kept the shell from getting soggy as cannolis tend to get if they sit in the fridge for longer than a day. But this cannoli was super yummy.

Have you ever had ricotta pie or a cannoli before?

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