DessertOTW- French Green Tea, Strawberry, amp Carmel Macaroon

4 years ago

So a local nearby shop recently opened where they sell the really different types of drinks, but in addition to that they also have Macaroons! Before I had to get mine 30 minutes away in CA so i`m glad they have a nearby shop for me to drive. They had 9 flavors to try to which I picked the 3 I wanted to give a shot. These were only 1.50 each so they were much more cheaper than other luuuxers who had to pay 30+ for a box O:!

I loved all the Macaroon but of the 3 I would have to say my favorite was Green Tea. These were really sweet, and I could barely finsh up all 3 since I had lunch before that. I like how crispy these were. Once you bite into the Macaroon the outer shell flakes off and gives it this crumbly mess :P that is really delicious. Overall, I really enjoyed it and defintely can`t wait to try out some of their drinks as well!

<strong>What do you think of my dessert? Have you tried Macaroons before? What`s your favorite flavor of Macaroon? Comment down below :)</strong>
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