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4 years ago

After dinner today, I really wanted to have some dessert. I remembered a place famous for Chinese style dessert near where I had dinner so that`s where I went.

By Chinese style dessert, I mean something more like a dessert wine. All of the dessert served at the place had some liquid component. They had bean curd, sesame paste, glutinous rice balls etc. In the end, because today was a hot summer day, I picked the Chilled Mango Sago. It`s less of a traditional dessert than the previous ones mentioned, but I just felt like having something more healthy.

So the Mango Sago had, obviously, mango puree and sago. I also tasted papaya puree in there. On the top, you can see a pile of clear substance containing black dots. I know this is a bad description but it`s kind of gross to look at. It tasted like grapefruit but I`ve never seen any grapefruit with black things inside. The whole thing was served cold so it was a great dessert for a summer day. It`s definitely healthier than ice cream, which is what I normally eat to cool down myself.

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