Dessert of the Day: Vanilla Ice Cream with Black Cherries

5 years ago

When I have vanilla ice cream at home, I like to eat it with fruit. I had a bag of frozen black cherries in my freezer, and thought the two would go awesome together!

The vanilla ice cream was made with real cream, which I always find tastes better. I really don`t like "diet" ice creams, as they seem to have a gritty texture and even more sugar than regular ice cream (the kind that`s available at the grocery store - fat-free soft serve, on the other hand, is awesome). The cherries were great, too! They were pre-pitted, and were ripe and juicy, even though they were frozen. I think the cherries and ice cream would taste great blended up as a milkshake...hmmm! Oh, and if you added some chocolate chips, you`d have a homemade Ben & Jerry`s Cherry Garcia ice cream (sort I think I might try that, too, when I`m feeling particularly indulgent. :)

This is a great ice cream and fruit combo, and I`ll definitely be having it again. :)

<strong>Do you like ice cream? Or do you prefer frozen yogurt?</strong>

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