Dessert of the Day: Mango Sorbet

5 years ago

I felt like something light for dessert tonight, so I opted for some mango sorbet! The photo makes it looks as though I had three full-sized scoops of it, but I actually used a cookie scoop, which is about half the size of a standard ice cream scoop. (I love that scoop, it`s so versatile!). The sorbet container was rather small and hard to get into, which was why I had to use a smaller scoop. ^^

The colours in this sorbet are really pretty, but they are definitely not natural mango colours, lol. The flavour of the sorbet isn`t very natural either. It hardly tastes like mango, and is very sweet. I`d say it`s more of a generic fruit punch kind of flavour. I was hoping it would be somewhat tangy, like actual mango, but it wasn`t in the slightest. So that was a bit of a let-down. :/

As I`m not exactly thrilled with the flavour of this sorbet, I`m thinking of incorporating it into some smoothies when I want to a little bit of sweetness to it. I have some *actual* frozen mango, perhaps I will use both that and this sorbet in my next fruit smoothie!

I didn`t hate this sorbet, but I wasn`t too happy with it either. It pretty much reminded me why I don`t usually like sorbets - they are often too sugary, and without enough natural flavour. Maybe I need to start making my own, lol!

<strong>What`s your favourite frozen dessert?</strong>

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