Dessert Of The Day: Chocolate Mousse Cake

4 years ago

Later today I went out to dinner with a couple of my friends but I wasn`t too hungry so I ordered something small. However, since I didn`t eat that much, I decided to order dessert for the first time in forever. Normally, I`m always way too full for dessert, but since I only had a bowl of soup and some noodles, I still had some room in my stomach.

I decided to order the chocolate mousse cake since it looks really appetizing in the display case. There was wayyy more mousse than there was cake haha, but it was all delicious. There was two thin layers of chocolate cake and globs of chocolate mousse between and on top of the cake slices. They also topped it off with a bit of whipped cream and some chocolate sprinkles. It was definitely a chocolate overload, but I love chocolate so I was more than happy to stuff it in my face. I shared it with my friend and we were both extremely satisfied. The cake was nice and moist and the mousse was very rich and tasty.

The cake was about $3 which isn`t too bad since it was a pretty big slice of cake. It was extremely delicious since I was craving chocolate and cake and it was just a very well made cake :]. I would love another slice right now but too bad it`s 10:30 PM haha. So are any of you fans of chocolate mousse cake? What did you have for dessert today?

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