Dessert of the Day: Apple Pie

5 years ago

I haven`t had apple pie in forever, so I decided to have some for dessert tonight! I picked it up from a local coffee shop on my home. It was cold when I bought it, but I baked it for several minutes in the oven at a low-ish temperature (200 degrees F) to warm it up again. It was a bit disappointing, to be honest. The apples weren`t very flavourful, and the crust was soft - it didn`t even crisp up in the oven. :( It`s possible that it was undercooked to begin with, then got soggier as it got less fresh, lol. At least, that`s how it tasted...*sigh*.

The worst thing is that I paid $5 for this slice of pie, and it wasn`t even pretty! >.< I kid, I kid - pie doesn`t need to look pretty, but for me, it does need to be delicious, which this one wasn`t. Oh well! I`ve learned my lesson, and won`t be getting apple pie again from that coffee shop anytime soon. :P

<strong>What`s your favourite kind of pie?</strong>

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