Dessert = Ice cream!

4 years ago

Though I was freezing cold today due to wearing too little, I was still in the mood for some ice cream!

My boyfriend gave me his bomber to wear so after a good while, I was warmed up. We went to visit my friend today and her family just opened up a new Japanese restaurant.

She was kind enough to give my boyfriend and I large amounts of ice cream! Since I was craving ice cream, this was perfect!

My dessert today was Japanese green tea ice cream and red bean ice cream. Personally, though I love green tea, I`m not allowed to have it as my body type does not do so well with it. Long story short, my Chinese naturopath assessed my body type and any "cooling" foods is not good for my digestive system.

Anyways, halfway through, my boyfriend gave me his red bean ice cream and took my green tea. That was perfect for me =)

I think I`ll go buy an ice cream maker tomorrow!

*photo is mine*


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