Dessert: Frozen Yogurt

5 years ago

While I was in Florida, my girls and I had a huge meal but even though we were stuffed from dinner, I still wanted to try out the frozen yogurt places in Florida. I forgot the name of this place that we went to. It was either Froyo, Go Yo, or YoGo.... LOL, either one, they sound the same to me.

Well this place I went to is very similar to a place called 16 Handles. The price of it is calculated by the weight of the fruits and yogurt we add in there.

<strong>1)</strong> This was mine. I just had original flavor yogurt and added some mochi, kiwis, mangos, pineapples and oreo crunch in there. I had a hard time choosing what flavor yogurt to get and that was why I stuck with original.

<strong>2)</strong> This is the one my best friend got. She went a little crazy. You just can`t see the yogurt but she had a whole mixture of yogurt flavors under all that fruit LOL! As you can tell from the photo, her yogurt was stuffed to the top while mine was just halfway LOL! People were talking to her saying "DAMNNN!"

<em>Do you like eating frozen yogurt as dessert?</em>

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