Dessert: Biggest Crepe Ever!!

5 years ago

In my neighborhood, once a dessert place is built, more just continues to pop up. Over the past six months or so, about 3 new dessert places opened up near my area and the competition among them is pretty crazy. Anyways, I didn`t even realize there was this dessert placed opened near my area called <strong>iDessert</strong>. My friend told me about it and I decided to go try that place out with my girls after dinner. I was full but I still wanted to try it out and see how the crepes there were.

The crepes there isn`t cheap since they charge fruits and ice cream separately. I love how I get to see them make the crepe right in front of my eyes. Inside my crepe there is chocolate, whip cream, strawberries and bananas. I love my crepes with strawberries and bananas since I feel like it`s a classic. I wanted vanilla ice cream with it too but it was all sold out. As you can tell from the picture, it is pretty huge. It was as big as my face LOL, literally.

<em>What type of dessert is your favorite?
Have you ever tried a crepe before?</em>

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