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DESSERT AT SUIKA A couple of nights ago, I went on a triple date with my boyfriend and our friends. It wasnt intentional, its just the way it panned out. We decided to go to this place called We decided to go here because weve actually never been here but we heard a lot of great things about them. They serve Japanese Tappas/Fusion food. The place itself was very... cute! It was a dark lighting place and all people who worked in there were Japanese and spoke Japanese, which at times made communications very hard. But overall, decent service and decent food. BUT THE DESSERT WAS AMAZING, and thats why Im posting more about the dessert then the actual food. We got four different dessert dishes and just shared everything:
1)Yukimi Daifuku - Green Tea and Red Bean Gelato wrapped in Sticky Rice Cake. This is the one I wanted to order. And it on my opinion is the best dessert. It was ice-cream that was wrapped with a thin layer of this jelly glutinous material.
2)Black Sesame Cheesecake -I couldnt find a description on this one. I didnt get to try this personally because apparently it was so good and every dug in. But apparently, it was like grounded sesame seeds swirled in with super sweet cheesecake, with chocolate drizzling.
3)Matcha Brulee - Frozen matcha crème brulee with fresh whipped cream and red bean sauce. This was a rip off but still really good... because it turned out to just be green ice-cream.
4)Earl Tea Creme Brulee - Theres not description for this one... or a picture. Because someone accidentally deleted it. But it actually tastes really good. It was like the tea, but in creamy form. Good, but not as the Yukimi Daifuku. I highly recommend this place for if you are looking to trying and experiencing new things. But the dishes were super affordable. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: TWITTER:

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