Dessert: Applebee`s Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae!

4 years ago

A few weeks ago I went to Applebees for dinner and had ended up ordering dessert too. All of Applebees desserts look delicious, but I decided to choose this one. Bad choice by me and my friend- we both got full sizes for ourselves (and although we both finished them pretty much completely)- they were each 1550 calories- ouch! Next time I have this I have to remember to not eat the whole rest of the day- jk.

Anyway, all I can say was that this was heaven. <strong> It is a warm chocolate chip cookie ( who doesn`t love c.c. cookies?) with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top, whipcream on top of that ( and on the sides of the plate=x ), oreo pieces drizzled on top, AND hot fudge drizzled over everything too. </strong> I can see where the 1550 calories come from.

so if you are at Applebees and see this, you should definitely try it BUT you should probably split it amongst a few friends so you don`t take in all the fat and sugar of 1 order yourself, like me (oops haha!) .

do you ever eat at Applebees? do you like warm chocolate chip cookies and ice cream? would you like to have this for dessert?

*pictures are mine! sorry for the bad quality, they were cell pics at night, since i don`t really take my bulky camera to applebees with me lol!

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