Dessert - Giant Ginger Dumpling

4 years ago

At my boyfriend`s parents` house last night, his mum made us some dessert. She made us giant sesame dumplings in a ginger sugar soup.

Personally I don`t like the taste of ginger at all so I was very reluctant to drink the soup, but she added a lot of rock sugar to it and so it helped diffuse the taste of ginger.

The soup was made first with sliced ginger and rock sugar slowly dissolving in a pot of water. Then she adds 12 sesame dumplings after the water has been boiled and the rock sugar has been dissolved. Rock sugar is a special type of brown sugar that has a yellow color and it`s in the form of a brick. They`re incredibly sweet and have an earthly taste to it which is very different from our regular table sugar. It`s what Chinese people use for making desserts.

The ginger and the rock sugar helped color the water brown, like the color of cola and it also turned the dumplings brown!

The dumplings, because the skin is made with rice flour, absorbed a lot of the soup`s taste so you get this very rich and creamy dumpling infused with ginger and sugar.

I could only eat one as they were huge dumplings!

*photo is mine*


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