Desperate Housewives

4 years ago

The series is a very successful combination between comedy, tragedy and thriller and manages to dismantle the eternal myth of the perfect American family, that has a perfect life in a perfect house in a perfect suburb, with perfect neighbors.

"Desperate Housewives" shows that behind the closed doors of this perfect suburb, many secrets are hidden .

Although it is a drama / comedy / mystery show, it has many more elements to it. I really like how well balanced these elements are. You will laugh every episode, but you migh as well end up being intrigued by the mystery in that exact same episode. The Very original characters are excellently played by the main actors and actresses. This show is simply brilliant! I must say, so far so good.

A 100% American show, full of drama and elements of comedy, Desperate Housewives is a successful combination of unexpected events and stories, supported by a number of actors who make the cast of Desperate Housewives stylish, talented and original.

A constantly changing storyline and mysterious events that deepen or discover old or new secrets, a wide and varied group of actors, an even wider range of manners, characters and personalities make this show to be very complex and well done.

Action, tragedy, crime, comedy, romance, mystery we find them in one place Desperate Housewives!

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