Designer Handbags : Unhealthy Hobby?

4 years ago

Okay, I don`t think hobby is the correct term I should using. And it`s not so much an obsession. Maybe more of an unhealthy habit.

What exactly am I talking about? Them designer handbags is what I`m talking about. You know, the Louis Vuitton, the Gucci, the Chanel. We all know to afford one of these bags, they`ll cost more than a pretty penny.

The idea for this post came up because my friend recently asked me, and I quote, "is this real?!?!" And "what?!?! You spent $2,000 on a bag?!?!?" And then she proceeded to say I have a weird obsession with designer handbags. Now in no way whatsoever am I trying to brag. I work hard and save up in order to spoil myself with nice things. But anyways, first, I felt highly insulted that she would think I would bother wasting money on a knock off amd support the black market. Secondly I thought, hmmm, I do have a weird obsession. But its not so much an.obsession and more of I like pretty things. I like classic pieces that will stay in style no matter how many years pass. Because of that, I`m willing to invest in a quality bag that will hopefully last me a lifetime.

I posted this here on luuux because I know there are many users that have a much more extensive collection of designer handbags than I`ll ever have. And my question to those individuals is, do you feel like its an unhealthy hobby or obsession? And why do you choose to invest in the pieces that you have?

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