Design your Zen Garden to relieve Stress!

When you see the word "garden" you automatically assume that we`re talking about plants, flowers, roses, and so forth but <strong>Zen Garden</strong> is the total opposite. Zen gardens don`t have plants, flowers, roses, water, ponds but instead gravel, sand and rocks.

Many believe Zen gardens is a way of mediating, creating peace, and being relaxed so every time I`m feeling stressed, I would take out my Zen garden and rake some sand, rearrange the rocks/temples/bird and then sit it off to the side. It actually does calm me down especially the raking of the sand part. This was a gift from my sister a few years ago. The only complaint is the sand gets messy. I think this would make a great present. [I see it sometimes at Barnes and Nobles].

<strong>Do you own a Zen Garden?</strong> The fun part is designing your Zen Garden, there`s so many ways to rearange everything.

<em>Want your very own miniature Zen Garden?</em>

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