Design Homemade Cards with Stamps!

When I was young, my sister loves to Scrapbook during her spare time and she still does. She used to take me to the Scrapbook store that was down the street (which is no longer in business now) and she would let me buy a few nice Scrapbook papers and some stickers. Now that I`m older, I love to Scrapbook too. Scrap booking sure does add up so I stopped buying letter stickers (I do occasionally just not for every page like I used to) and resorted to stamping!

I have a few stamp sets and they do run for like $20 a set usually but I feel that they last a long time and worth the price because all the letters you need are always there for you. The only con about stamping is how to store your stamps and how to stamp it on the paper. If you want to go at an angle or straight it`s hard to do (well in my opinion til` you get a hang of it).

But the point of this post was when I was shopping at Walmart I stumbled across this mini stamp set with 30 stamps for GUESS HOW MUCH? <em>Just a $1</em>! There were like two other fonts but I liked this one best. The brand of the stamps are Studio G. The style is WM0175.


I tried out the stamps and I think they work great. And for only a $1, I would recommend it! It is durable and gets the job done!

Stamps are a great way for adding special touches to your handmade cards, scrapbooking, or anything you want!

For my other stamps the way I store them is in a plastic box (it`s supposed to hold beads) and such. I bought it at Michael`s but I don`t remember how much. It`s not the best way of organizing but the plastic box it came with wasn`t durable enough.

<strong>Do you like scrapbooking? Making homemade cards? Using stamps?</strong>

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