Design Fail = Pac-Vac-`N`-Stack!

I don`t fall for those "as seen on television" products easily but I was browsing through CVS and came across the <strong>Pac-Vac-`N`-Stack</strong> storage bags and decided it was worth a shot to try because it was only $1.25. I didn`t have high expectations for the product to begin with but let me tell you my experience..

<strong>The box came with 2 bags:</strong>
- 1 Jumbo Bag
- 1 Large Bag
*You will need a vacuum with the circle suction thing

<strong>This product claims to:</strong>
Airtight, compact, space saving storage system
Increase your wardrobe and storage space with this
EASY Zipper vac seal bag
Reduces up to 75%


I stuffed all my clothes in which wasn`t really easily. Then, my boyfriend zipped closed the bag and vacuumed sealed the bag... took fairly quick to and = it was flat. Yes, it reduced my clothes by 75% BUT a day or so later the BAG was back to it`s full capacity LOL! WHAT A FREAKING FAIL DESIGN! My boyfriend vacuumed sealed the bag again to make sure it wasn`t his fault and two days later it wasn`t flat anymore again.... which is why this was on clearance LOL probably too many complaints on how this product doesn`t work!

<strong>How much does this cost?</strong>
2 for $10 at CVS but I got it for only $1.25 BUT it`s pointless because I have no use for it now but the bags are really durable. It`s like a huge zip lock bag! Maybe they will come in handy for something? No idea what though..

<strong>Would I recommend this?</strong> Nope! Whoever designed this storage pac vac knock off did a bad job! BUT, I do think it`s good to travel if you`re going somewhere quick but then to go back home, you`ll need a vacuum to seal it back. I guess if you`re going on a trip for a few hours and need some luggage space it would do but for storage nope!

<strong>Have you tried this?</strong>

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