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4 years ago

I don`t usually like to rant on here but I think this is about something some people feel the exact same way about. Some people go around writing one or two word comments on posts because their mind is set on earning points rather than to read the post and write something meaningful on it. Don`t get me wrong, I can honestly say that I too have been guilty for doing this in the past a small few times and for that I strongly say ..

<strong>I AM SORRY but I have changed!</strong>

I can proudly say I have never wrote "thanks for sharing" on a post because this phrase drives me insane. Just write "Did not read" altogether, I mean you still get the points your attempting to get?!

Anyways, I have decided to write this little post because I have grown up and matured so much over the three or so years I have been on Luuux. I have ordered two items so far and am currently saving for my third. I am not on here to write about something that is not important just to earn prizes as you can see by my history.

Lately I have spend SO much time trying to make my posts better by editing my own pictures more often, playing with special effects and trying to write on items I really have an interest in and this 8/10 times means I use my own pictures but what gets me down is the lack of interest and respect some people get on Luuux for their effort.

Take for example this post I wrote today:

It is a throughly in-depth review of a Clarisonic Brush head which took me over 25 minutes to think about and write and 10 minutes to take and edit the pictures properly. Now I am not saying that this is a post EVERYONE would love but there are over 35 "likes" on this post and only around 6 comments which is what I think is so unfair.

<strong>It is not just me I see this happen too so if you are reading this please read, like and COMMENT on posts too! If we all work a little harder the Luuux world will do a little better each day=]</strong>

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