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5 years ago

Did you ever hear about tiramisu? Well I never had, until me an my mom went into town for some shopping and a guy asked me to try their new receipe. He didnt wanted to tell me what it was, I just had to taste it and tell him if it was good. When tasting it, it was just SO delicious, although I never tasted it before, it was so good! I told my mom to ask the receipe because I wanted to make this at home for when I was craving something sweet.
The guy told us it was called tiramisu, something that French people love to make. Personally I never heared about it and I never saw someone make it. We asked him the receipe and he was really happy to give it to us. When I read what was in it, I was surprised, it contains a likor! Not too much, but I really didnt taste it. He said we could also add some special things like fruit, which I really liked
Once home I decided to give it a try. The receipe wasnt that hard but I decided to add some strawberries to it. Which was very smart of me, it makes it so much more sweet! I must warn you, this is pretty heavy on the stomach, I was really full after a small bowl of this.
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