Derrick Coleman Surprises Twin Fans!

3 years ago

One of the sweetest thing that brightened up my day because I had a 2 hour final today.

Honestly, most likely none of use would have known that DerrickColeman is deaf. But weeks ago, I saw the letters written on twitter and it was so sweet! Honestly, seahawks have been getting opposite media attention lately and the Superbowl is this weekend! But past that, I find that this clip from this morning was amazing!

I swear this was just one of the sweetest things I have seen. And yesterday was Lynch`s interview with lightened my day from studying and that was interesting.

I feel like people need to stop judging football players so much. I heard news about Wilson suppose to be a Bronco player, then there is Sherman being a thug for lashing out, and Coleman meeting his twin fans, and Kaepernick blaming himself for the lose in the NFC.

But overall, like what is there to judge, they are just normal people. I know friends who have met Sherman and they all said he is a sweet and nice guy. And after his lash out after being in heat after the NFC game people keep saying lets go Broncos. How about we stay committed to the team we loved in the beginning and stick to it.

Watch the video below!

What are your thoughts?

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