Depotting WnW Eyeshadows

3 years ago

Since finding good makeup storage can be difficult/pricey, I decided to try and make more space within my collection. I have a lot of WnW shadows (singles, trios, 6 & 8 pan palettes) so I decided to depot some of them and put them into an old MAC palette.

Products required:
- Magnets
- Magnetic palette
- Flame (candle, lighter etc)
- X-acto knife/something thin
- Rubbing alcohol
- Paper towel/towel/newpaper to avoid mess
- Makeup wipes to clean up
- Labels (optional)

There`s nothing special in terms of how I depotted these shadows. It`s the same process that you would use for depotting MAC shadows (although I found WnW to be a bit faster because the plastic is cheaper and melted quicker).

1. Make sure the label from the bottom of the shadow is COMPLETELY removed. You don`t want the paper to burn. I used a bit of rubbing alcohol to get rid of the glue/small bits of paper.

2. Hold the flame under the shadow and wait for about 30-60 seconds. When the plastic has started to melt, you can use your x-acto knife to puncture through it and pop out the shadow.

3. Using the rubbing alcohol again, you can clean off the back of the pan, removing any glue/shadow.

4. Once the alcohol has dried, apply a magnet to the back and if you`d like, apply a label with the name of the shadow on it. (I don`t normally do this, because for the WnW shadows I don`t really care lol).

5. Place it in the palette!

Over all depotting the WnW shadows were a lot easier for me than depotting the MAC shadows. I have yet to do this on my 8 pan palettes because I`m not sure if I want to the depot them yet. I`m glad I did them for the 6 pan palettes though because there were some shades that I never used or that were poorly pigmented so I just threw them out.

I kinda wish MAC shadows were square because the WnW shadows are so much easier to store. The round pans take up more room.

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