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5 years ago

Hey guys!!! So today I decided to take a little trip to my ulta and sephora which i haven`t done in so long!!! And I just ran quickly into H-E-B and got a couple of things. So lets get started, I will be doing full reviews on these so, theres not gonna be much detail. Okay so first on the list is... the Sephora express cleansing wipes, the lady at the store said they work really well and not only takes off regular makeup but also waterproof. I`m so excited to try these out for you guys, cause believe you me I have tried pretty much every single drugstore makeup removal wipes and I have yet to be satisfied. They smell really good like just clean, it says it does not leave your skin oily and it is for sensitive skin as well. Next I got the Mario Badescu Enzyme cleansing gel, Okay what this say it does is, it gets rid of the dead skin cells that cause blackheads and pimples. I have heard so many good things about this acne treatment, and cannot wait to try it!!! plus it was only 7 dollars at ulta so i believe that was a great deal. Up next is the HealthySexyHair soy renewal, I have used products from HeathlySexyHair and I can for a fact they do work, but I have never used this type which is the style treatment. So if any of you have used this product comment and let me know what you thought. And the next one is... Tresemme nourishing rituals. So this is brand new here in my city and I`m so excited I found it, what this does is its a conditioning treament that stops breakage and keeps hair frizz free. I`m always looking for something like that sense I do live in south Texas and the humaminty is always like at 100, and my hair does get dry and frizz. Hopefully this works, For this product I think I`ll do a grail or fail just so if its bad you don`t have to go and watse your money on it. Okay this product is probably my fav right now its the OPI glitter nail polish in How`s it Snowin`. This color is so awesome its like this dark grey with hints of black, so perfect for when you want to have a glitter party ;) Oh dear I forgot to mention I also went to Bath and Body Works, and this cute little kitty keychain to hold your antibacterial. I`m such a cat person so when I saw this I was like " yeah thats mine". The last two things are from H-E-B and their both hair products so Ima same them together. The first one is the sauve keratin dry shampoo, and the dove nourishing oil care. Now I`m already trying the sauve keratin conditioner and I`m fully happy with it, so I decided I might enjoy the dry shampoo plus I have never used dry shampoo before so I thought it might be worth it. I`ve never tried dove products before, I know I know insane but I have always just pushed it out of my mind when I wanted to try some (crazy). So I really hope that this product makes me happy so I can go try some more. Okay so that was my lovely haul I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know if you have tried any of these products and how you liked them. And remember I will be doing full reviews as soon as I try them out over sometime to give you a good review. Till next time!!!

Dove and love, Yadi D

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