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4 years ago

The DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks were one of the products in my Influenster Mom Vox Box. I had used similar products in the past... it could have even been this very brand, I can`t be certain.

In the box I received both a pack that is intended for adults and a pack for children. I quite like these because the floss portion is the flat floss. I don`t like the old fashioned, round kind. I had braces when I was younger and with the exception of my front, top teeth (which slightly separated back through the years) all of my teeth are very close together and the round floss kind of hurts to use. The flat style is easy to get in between the teeth and cleans but does so without the pressure.

My son even likes these because they are easier to use. When I floss his teeth with regular floss it is a struggle getting it positioned right in this little mouth without shoving my fingers into his mouth. This is perfect. I can easily reach in and get the job done... plus, he likes that they are cute colors and shapes. I know for a fact he has used these in the past. His dentist gives them to us in a little bag when he is finished... but those have dinosaur shaped handles. I also appreciate that the kid ones have a much thinner piece of floss so as to not hurt their teeth or gums.

My husband likes these so much that he has claimed the rest in the adult pack as his. He has taken them with him to keep at his desk at work. LOL! I guess that means I`ll need to buy more now.

According to the little card supplied in the box, these retail for $1.99 to $2.99 for a full pack. However, it doesn`t mention how many are in a full pack. I wish they`d have included that little tid-bit.

OH, and sorry for the super up close and personal shot of my mouth O.O To earn the badge that does along with this Vox Box they want you to supply a picture using the product...sooo.... yup.

<em>*Product supplied for free through the Box program. All opinions are my own.</em>
<Strong>--PHOTO IS MY OWN! YOU MAY NOT USE!</Strong>

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