Dennis Rodman Meets His Dad After 42 Years!

4 years ago

This is a pretty old story, but I thought I blog about it. It has been only six months, but its better late than sorry right? I was just talking to a guy friend and he was just asking if I knew what ever happen to Dennis Rodman. I mean the guy used to play basketball, but nowadays where is he? I told my friend I don`t know, but I Google it right now. This story came up about how Dennis Rodman is finally meeting his dad after 42 years. Word? It amazes me you can learn about a person through the internet. If you don`t know, but Dennis Rodman was a former NBA player. His dad, Philander Rodman is a 71 years old man with 29 children with different 16 women! Damn, I thought my family was huge, but 29 children? Lord baby Jesus! The met at the exhibition game in the Philippines. The last time Philander held Dennis hand was in December of 1969. Damn! That`s a long time ago. I wasn`t even born yet! LOL Dennis felt he didn`t have a male role model until he got into college. A man did take him and his two sisters in. That was very thoughtful of that man to take them in. I can`t imagine not seeing my parents at all. Questionnaire: 1. Can you imagine meeting your dad after 42 years? 2. Do you miss Dennis Rodman playing basketball? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. sports

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