Demi More Recent Weight Loss

5 years ago

The recent reports on Demi More are not the best. She was admitted in the hospital recently after being assisted at home to what her reps say it was due to stress while there are reports of other causes. But one thing is certain, she has lost a lot of weight.
Demi Moore was already thin but had a healthy look and was praised for it but recent photos at an appearance left people wondering and with reason if the current stress of her life, with career and most recently the divorce, started to take a tool on her.
A skinnier Demi Moore appeared at the Cinema For Peace event (first picture) which shows how stress is taking its tool on her health. Stress can impact weight changes, either gains or losses, because of the hormones it releases that can make you hold on onto fat or losing it, especially if you are not eating , which happens with stress and might have happened with Demi Moore.

To make a comparison from the most recent photos and to see the difference, there is a second picture that shows a healthier Demi Moore in February 2011 while still with Ashton.
I just hope she can handle what is going with her life and gets better.

<strong>Do you also notice the weight change? Do you also think its stress related?</strong>

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