Demi Lovato Talks About Her Eating Disorder

5 years ago

In a recent interview, Demi Lovato admitted that she is convinced that she was born with an eating disorder because she`s never experienced a normal relationship with food her entire life. Demi says she used to overeat as a child, but after being bullied repeatedly at school for being what they thought was overweight, Demi stopped eating regular meals.
Demi started binge eating at just 8 years old , but then after being bullied at age 12, she started dieting and lost over 30 lbs. She kept losing weight for a while but then plateaued. That is when she turned to bulimia to help her with the weight loss.

In the interview, Demi talks about her experience in rehab. She says "Breakfast would be at 8.30am, a bowl of cereal with yoghurt or milk and fruit. Lunch would be a sandwich, salad and fruit or vegetables. Dinner might be macaroni cheese with a side of vegetables and milk."
he told use that she cried often due to having to eat having three meals a day. At the beginning of her treatment, Demi admitted to eating just so she could go home again.

Now Demi is better and eating healthy. She still has support from doctors, her family, and friends. She says that there is still temptation almost daily for her to go back to the past, but she is trying to avoid them as best she can by leaning on her support system. Demi want to be the best she can be so she can be a role model for younger girls who are going through the same thing!

I am so proud of Demi!Just being able to admit having an E.D. is really hard and then getting treatment is amazing! She has inspired me to conquer whatever I need to and that I can get through anything in my life.

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