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Hello Everyone =)
I hope youre all having a good day =)

So we were craving pizza the other day and we really didnt want to order pizza. However, my mom did buy Delissio Pizza the other day and it was surprisingly really good!
The pizza had:
- pepperoni
- green peppers
- mushrooms
- covered with cheese

Surprisingly the pizza was really, REALLY good. I was actually surprised because I remember that when I was a child, we heated up store-bought pizza and I remember thinking that it wasnt good at all. So I dont know if I was just being childish and doing what children do: be very picky and hating everything or if the fact those pizzas are actually getting a lot better. But I`m impressed, and I think its a better alternative to ordering in, because I feel like it had a lot less oil.
The only flaw is that it was kind of small. Because we have a family of 5, we usually order a large or extra large pizza; however, this one was barley enough to feed 3 people because the slices ended up being really small.
Also, I dont know whether its our terrible heating skills, or if thats just how the pizza is, however, the base and the crust of the pizza was really hard and hard to chew. But to be fair, it did look like it had a burned outline. So I guess it was really our fault anyways.
Overall, Im impressed, and I will buy more in the future.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the post.
Bye =)
**Pictures are mine, please DONT take, thank you

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